Opt-Out SMS Commercial Messages Management

Do you send your customers SMS commercial messages? Do you know you should allow them to unsubscribe  for free? We have prepared an online tool for you to process the opt-out from SMS commercial messages. Ask us about the Opt-Out OS Terms of Service.


Increase your sales and brand awareness! Enhance your customers' loyalty now and try a sweepstake! SMS, Web Inputs and Social Networks, or just one of these options. With a good idea, even with a small budget, great results can be achieved!

Reach Your Customers with Mobile Marketing!

Do you want to reach your customers? Get new leads? Try targeted SMS! It works. We know what we're talking about.

Our Services
  • Sweepstakes

  • Bulk SMS/MMS

  • Online payments

  • Mobile advertising


  • Donors SMS and corporate solutions

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Organizing voting or polling? Do you need to support your brand or increase sales?

Take advantage of SMS that enables real-time message processing, including traffic statistics and reports.

ATS offers comprehensive surveys and sweepstakes services; including: marketing and legal advisory, consultation and suggestions of appropriate game concepts, the actual development and operation of the sweepstake application, selection, addressing and verification of winners, distribution of prizes and final evaluation of the competition.

Use all the means of communication: the web, social networks, SMS, email and mobile apps to communicate with customers. We can process inputs sent through all of the listed tools.

The amendment to the Consumer Protection Act 634/1992 (Zákon o ochraně spotřebitele) defines sweepstakes after years of legal uncertainty.

Ask us.


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Do you want to send or receive bulk SMS and be sure it really arrives? Do you need to provide authorization and notification for e-shops or shipping companies? Do you want to know the opinion of your viewers or readers?

We offer only transparent and certified solutions with direct connection to mobile carriers. Implement any SMS solution using our SMS gateway. If you want to run your SMS activities yourself and have them fully under your control, connect via a simple API and start using our SMS gateway.

You may use our JSON or XML interface, or connect using SMPP.

Do you want to leave the technical realization to us? Contact us.

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Online payments – ATSPay!

Let your customers pay by phone or credit card. Include online payments in your payment methods portfolio. This will allow customers to pay EASILY, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME! We offer the following options: 

  • SMS payments (Premium SMS) have gained popularity thanks to their simplicity. Whether you want to pay for web access, electronic content (articles, videos, archives, ..), parking or anything else, the entire payment process is done by sending one SMS. There is no need to invest in payment terminals, vending machines or implement a payment gateway. All you need to do is publish the phone number and message text to send.
  • M-Payments Implement your payment gateway into your website and allow your customers to pay for goods or services using their mobile phone. The price of your goods or services will be paid as in the case of SMS payments as part of billing your telephone services.
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Mobile advertising

Whether you want to contact your own customers or reach out to potential clients, you can use one of the mobile marketing options.

Most recipients pay more attention to advertising messages sent by SMS than to those communicated through other means. In addition, the service allows customers to respond instantly, such as making a purchase or order, sending a request for more information or contact. For this purpose, replies to received SMS, sending of payment SMS, links to websites and others are used. Combined with a well-defined target audience, mobile marketing becomes a highly effective way of marketing communication.

To reach existing customers, just provide a database of phone numbers and the text of the message you want to deliver.

To address potential customers, it is necessary to define their characteristics. Based on this, a target group of recipients will be created to receive your message. The most frequently used targeting parameters are age, gender, current location, residence, customer behavior on the Internet and related interests.

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Looking for termination ATX or PRSMS in CZ/SK market? Set up VAS phone line or PRSMS and charge your customers the selected price for each SMS, minute, drop charge and more.

IVR, automatic call forwarding, IP connectivity, voice playback, tone dialing, call recording, and more.

Carrier billing – ask for more information

Best rates guaranteed!

We also provide public telephone services - types of interfaces and their technical specifications (pursuant to Section 73 (8) of Act No. 127/2005 Coll., On Electronic Communications) can be found here.

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Donors SMS and corporate solutions

Since 2004 we operate together with telcos prestigious project - Donors Messaging Service (DMS), which keeps its considerable popularity and plays an important role in philanthropy.

Together with local telcos and major corporations, we implement special projects ranging from banking and card SMS notifications to SMS / MMS operators' informational services, including self-promotion activities or trials related to the implementation of our own services.



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About us

ATS Praha s.r.o. (ATS) is mainly engaged in Call/SMS processing and mobile marketing services. We are mostly dedicated to providing VAS based on Voice or PRSMS payment services, mobile marketing and Bulk SMS services.

ATS has been present on the Czech market since 1997 and started its operations with ATX premium voice services. In 2003, we launched with mobile operators the very first premium SMS (PR SMS). These services are the basic pillars on which ATS has built a strong position on the Czech and Slovak markets. We strive to maintain our position not only by providing a high level of service, but also by constantly expanding our service portfolio.

An important part of our activities is cooperation with mobile carriers, which consists mainly in operating their SMS / MMS info services. In addition, ATS provides a number of other services to media partners such as Stardance, Pop Idol, Voice etc. or to ad agencies such as technical self-promotion activities, sweepstakes or mobile marketing. We have also been working with mobile carriers as the exclusive technical provider of Donors SMS (DMS) since the very beginning of the project in 2004.

We are members of ADMEZ (Direct Marketing, E-commerce and Mail Order Association).




Developer - senior

We are looking for a new colleague who likes challenges, a small team and interesting creative work with a flexible employer. The main task will be the development of ICT applications and payment services from SMS / MMS communication to payment gateways. Extending the functionality of existing applications and designing architecture for new components. We need a person who is not just looking for stereotyped work and is willing to work from anywhere.


  • Knowledge of Python or PHP
  • Minimum user knowledge of Linux
  • Knowledge of databases (relational definitely, preferably key-value and document oriented)
  • Knowledge of HTTP and network communication
  • Routine use of SVN / Git versioning systems
  • Experience with testing
  • Knowledge of web application performance optimization procedures
  • Basic orientation in SOAP, JSON, REST, RPC, XML, regular expressions
  • Experience in developing large systems is an advantage
  • Independence and ability to communicate well with other team members
  • Responsibility for the result
  • The advantage of knowledge of mobile SMS / MMS technologies

Our technology:

  • RabbitMQ, Redis and uWSGI
  • We strive to build new services on principles such as generators, map-reduce, asynchronous calls, distributed queues, and we don't resist others where it makes sense.
  • Older components are in PHP + MySQL
  • We are currently rewriting the oldest ones written in Perl

More information:

  • Gross wage: according to your experience and our possibilities
  • 4x sickday
  • Possibility of homeoffice
  • Boarding possible immediately
  • Indefinitely
  • Place of work: Prague - Vršovice - work from home
  • Possibility of parking bikes and cars in the building
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ATS Praha s.r.o., Garden Eleven , Kubánské nám. 11, 100 00 Praha 10, Vršovice, Czech Republic, E-mail: info@atspraha.cz
  • Infoline + 420 296 363 199
  • Sales dpt. E-mail: obchod@atspraha.cz Phone: +420 296 363 199
  • Invoicing E-mail: ucetni@atspraha.cz Phone: +420 296 363 199
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